Breast Cancer Society of Manila, Inc.

"Reaching Out and Touching Lives....."


A provider of honor and governess to women with breast cancer where women afflicted with the disease will be in full control of their physical and emotional lives in positive and healthy directions.


  1. To educate the public and raise awareness on breast cancer prevention and early detection.
  2. To provide mutual support for patients and their families on the physical, mental, spiritual, and even financial aspects of living with breast cancer.
  3. To fight for patient's right and choices with regards to breast cancer treatment. (because to this date: "There is no cure yet for breast cancer...only treatment").
  4.  To personally reach out and touch lives, even in remote areas.
  5. To network with volunteers and groups committed to fight breast cancer, both local and international.
  6. To work for the unification of all breast cancer organizations and breast cancer support groups.

                                    Theme Song

 The Journey of a Breast Cancer Fighter

Lyrics: Elvira P. Galang / Music: Shigemi Yoshioka

Sleepless nights, deep dark fears, guilt and blame
Confusions, these are what I go through
As I confront my affliction and I asked God
Why me and what have I done to deserve this?

But then, gradually I came to realize
the meaning behind this suffering.
Life’s challenges we must confront
With fortitude and strong faith.


Hold my hands and let me know
I’m not alone in this journey
I might be tired and weary
But not discouraged with you by my side,

It’s hope, not pain and fear
That I feel with this strength I discovered
The path, though dim and uncertain
Will lead to a redeeming journey.

When I embrace grieving sister
As I feel the depth of her suffering
I realized that reaching out to a fellow afflicted
Ease one’s burden and pains..

Win or lose, it doesn’t really matter
It’s how one celebrates life’s blessing,
When one’s life is spent caring for others,
Then death is just another journey and not an end.


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